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I'm Eric Guichaoua-Serra, a French photographer and musician.

I'm glad to see you here, as it is important for me to share my works, whether it's about my photo or my music.

I started to get cursed by music at 16. I was living in La Rochelle at this time.
Do you know La Rochelle? It's the city where was created the first Francofolies festival.

I bought my first guitar and started to learn with friends.
Then I started to play with a band.
But this band, called Shambleau, didn't need a guitarist, but needed a keyboardist…
I hardly wanted to play in a band, then I also bought my first keyboard when I was 18.
And I started to play as a keyboardist with Shambleau.
We made nice songs, we played many times live, it was fun.

But later, I had to move to another city (Saumur), where I didn't know any musician.
As I didn't want to give up with music, I bought my first computer, an Atari one, with a Midi Sequencer software called Pro24.
Pro24 was the best Steinberg product before the brand launched Cubase.

I started to learn how to work and compose alone, using midi keyboards, drum machines…and guitars.
I even sometimes tried to sing, but I'm a poor singer ;-)

I worked a lot about composing music, and I was forgetting photography.
Then I had to live in Paris, for 18 years…
Then in Hong Kong, until now.

Today, I'm proud to be able to have my eyes and my ears working together.

Check my for my photos.
Stay tuned here for tracks excerpts.

Oh, and by the way, you can also check my entrepreneur's website at

Yes, I need to make money to live…
Just as you ;-)

See you soon!



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