Another old track I made in the 90's.
The stupid name comes from the fact that I wanted to play some guitar, but I could not go over cracks in the guitar sound…
No guitar in "Qracks" then ;-)


Le Talisman


"Le Talisman" was an old project I had in the 90's to compose tracks based on "The Talisman" book by Stephen King.
I made many tracks, some quite good ones, but I only found the 1st and 4th part :-(
Part 2 was one of my best works, but I got no traces of it :-(

Part 1

Part 4


In The City


Another song I made with my friend Emmanuel Auidebert, in 1989.
I wrote the lyrics and composed/played the music.
E. Audebert made the introduction and all the voices.
Recorded in one night on a Yamaha MT44D (analog 4 tracks recorder).


Free as a Bird


A song I made with my friend Emmanuel Auidebert, in 1988.
I composed and played the music, wrote the French lyrics.
Emmanuel made the English translation, and the voices.
Recorded in one night on a Yamaha MT44D (analog 4 tracks recorder).


YR Production

Capture d’écran 2020-07-10 à 14.30.58

Designing an original work does not mean imposing personal choices or tastes on the end customer.
It is above all to listen to his expectations, and try to perceive what he imagines, to transcribe it as close as possible.

Here, the producer's request, for the sound illustration of its production credits, was that a particular sound had to follow the movements in space of the main light source.
Better with headphones…or in a movie theatre ;-)




From my 2005 "Des Envies de Fin du Monde" cycle, "Rain" was made a rainy day ;-)
Just for the story, the flutes samples I used were from my "Merlin" flute I had to buy when I was 10 for compulsory music classes at school: I sampled it with my DSS1.


Hong Kong on Fire


With a minimal set (cheap MIDI keyboard, cheap second hand Squier Strat guitar, cheap audio interface, LogicPro X, FinalCutPro X, my MacBook Pro laptop computer), I finally made what I had in mind.
Using live footages from Hong Kong MTR and protests, composing new music, putting them all together with the photos I made from last summer protests, here is "Hong Kong on Fire" (audio and video), first part of a new "Hong Kong Standing" project.
My tribute to this city I love, and to its brave people that always welcomed me gently.

Here's "Hong Kong on Fire" video:

And the audio track:


Living in a Dream


Only one foot on the ground, the other one in the sky…
Things I hope mostly come in my dreams only.

Here's Living in a Dream:


Ving et Un


C. was 21 since one month and ten days when he passed away.
I've always felt guilty because as the older one, I was convinced I should have been the first one to pass away…
True guitars and bass guitar, fat sound, disturbing harmonies are what the track is made of.

Here's 21:


Retour à l'Anormal Part 4


I started the "Retour à l'Anormal" cycle just after I finished the "Paris" tracks, playing on words (retour à la normale - back to normal state / retour à l'anormal - back to the abnormal).

You can find Parts 1 & 2 following this link,
And you will find Parts 3 and 5 here.

Part 4 is special to me: when I composed it, it was times when my mood was always changing (I was a bit cyclothymic), and I was keeping the reasons why inside (mystic) ;-)
The progression of the track tries to reflect these perpetual changes.

Part 4: CyclothiMystik

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