Paris part 1 & 2

Composed after I broke from a relationship.

I was walking my dog in Puteaux's parc near its tram station, dominating Paris from its small hill, listening to the heart of the city beating away, at 2am.
I started to compose it just after getting back home.
I think it was the first time I was considering leaving Paris…

The second part starts with the words I got on my email some days after we broke:
"Remplace les cadres de ton appartement par des miroirs. Ton image est la seule qui te fascine. Reste entre tes quatre murs, avec tes ordinateurs et ta solitude. Ces murs vont se resserrer au fil des années jusqu'à prendre la taille d'un cercueil où tu t'enterres vivant. N'aies cependant pas peur de la mort: tu n'y seras pas plus seul que dans la vie, et le virtuel est bien plus facile à quitter que le réel…"

English translation: "Replace the frames of your apartment with mirrors. Your image is the only one that fascinates you. Stay between your four walls, with your computers and your loneliness. These walls will tighten over the years until they take the size of a coffin where you bury yourself alive. But don't be afraid of death: you'll be no longer alone than in life, and virtual life is much easier to leave than real life…"

I tried to transcript the violence of these word in the track.


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