Retour à l'Anormal Part 4


I started the "Retour à l'Anormal" cycle just after I finished the "Paris" tracks, playing on words (retour à la normale - back to normal state / retour à l'anormal - back to the abnormal).

You can find Parts 1 & 2 following this link,
And you will find Parts 3 and 5 here.

Part 4 is special to me: when I composed it, it was times when my mood was always changing (I was a bit cyclothymic), and I was keeping the reasons why inside (mystic) ;-)
The progression of the track tries to reflect these perpetual changes.

Part 4: CyclothiMystik


Retour à l'Anormal Part 3 & 5


I started the "Retour à l'Anormal" cycle just after I finished the "Paris" tracks, playing on words (retour à la normale - back to normal state / retour à l'anormal - back to the abnormal).

Following are Part 3 and the final Part 5.

You can find Parts 1 & 2 following this link.

Part 3

Part 5


One World


An old track I made after listening too much "Saga": I wanted to try to play something that would sound a bit like Saga songs, and the end is close to what I expected ;-)




From my 2005 "Des Envies de Fin du Monde" cycle, "Construction" is a long track, made of atmospheres more than melodies on its long introduction.
I'm conscient it's not one of my "easy" compositions, and it might be hard to listen to, until it ends.


Le Diable Partout


I was working on my "Heaven and Hell" cycle when I met Yvan.
Yvan was a singer looking for songwriters and musicians.
We met and started to work on some lyrics I had already written.
The first version is sung by Yvan.
Then we became friends.
Then we became more than friends.
Then we broke.
I added then the two last thirds of the lyrics, and I sang on the music I had also slightly changed.
This is the purpose of version 2 ;-)
Note that the female voice doubling my own one is…my own voice modified by a vocal effect plugin ;-)

Here's "Le Diable Partout", followed by the lyrics below:

Vocals: Yvan

Vocals: EGS

"Le Diable Partout" (lyrics, images and music ©EGS Music)

Tant de choses qui changent,
Tant de choses qui changent tout,
Moi je ne vois plus que des Anges
Là où je voyais le Diable partout.

Comme un oiseau
Dans sa cage
Je voyais tourner le monde
Tout autour de moi,
Je n'étais plus de moi que l'ombre,
Je ne comprenais plus rien à tout çà.

Tant de choses qui changent,
Tant de choses qui font de vous
Un homme qui parfois dérange
Ceux qui ne voient pas les hommes comme vous.


Evil (Part 2: "Evils")


Evil Part 2 (Evils):


Sur le Bord de la Route


Another old song I wrote…
I was coming back from vacations, and on the road, I noticed a young girl sitting and just watching cars passing by on the road.
I imagined a story, I wrote it, I made some music, and I sang the lyrics, just for fun.

Two versions are featured.

Here's "Sur le Bord de la Route".
You'll find the lyrics below.

version 1

version 2

"Sur le Bord de la Route" (lyrics and music ©EGS Music)

Assise sur le bord de la route, elle regarde passer les autos,
Elle s'imagine sans doute, qu'un jeune bien comme il faut,
Subjugué par son charme, va garer son bolide à ses pied,
La prier, comme une dame, de s'assoir à ses cotés,
D'oublier ses états d'âme, sa vie de petite fée
Pour le suivre où qu'il aille, mais surtout pour l'emmener,

Jusqu'au bout de la route,
Tout au bout de la route…

Tout au bout de la route,
Les autos ne font que passer…


Des Hommes


I've written the lyrics of this song in January 1992 after I watched on TV news a documentary showing children and women killed or suffering during the Yugoslav War.
I decided, as it was particularly moving me, that I should try to sing the lyrics by myself.
I then composed the music tracks, and sang, as I can do, because I'm not a singer…

You will find three different versions of "Des Hommes": each one has good and bad...
I'm just undecided about which one sounds best.

Here are "Des Hommes" tracks.
It starts with the latest 2004 version, ending with the oldest one.
You'll find below the lyrics too.

2004 version

2002 version

2001 version

"Des Hommes" (lyrics and music ©EGS Music)

"La vie qui s'est éteinte, n'est qu'un meurtre de plus,
Haineux que plus rien n'arrête, Mort qui plane au-dessus,
Des Hommes,
Qui ne sont même plus des hommes,
Qui se demandent pourquoi?
Qui font des villes fantômes,
Et qui crèvent de froid.

Môme, jouant sous les pluies de bombes,
Fais gaffe où tu mets les pieds,
Au tireur tapis dans l'ombre,
Qui t'abattra sans regrets.

Femmes, les yeux emplis de larmes,
Implorez vos amants,
De laisser tomber les armes,
Pour sauver vos enfants,

Des hommes…"


Evil (Part 1)


Many years ago, I started to work on a collection of tracks around the concept of "Heaven and Hell".
"Evil 1" is the most ambitious track of the collection, and one of my best realisations.
I'm stil dreaming of getting it played by a symphonic orchestra…

Here's "Evil 1":




"Intro": could have found a better title, but…

"Intro" was a music challenge.
When I composed it, I was upset by two musician friends that were pretending I only knew how to make intros.
It's true that at this time, I was recording every single idea I had into one single title.

With "Intro", and because it was really challenging for me, I learnt to link my ideas, and make more complex , and longer, compositions.

Here's "Intro":


Juin 2009

Well, Juin2009 is called June2009 because it was recorded on June 2009: you guessed it?
Just some ideas I recorded, not a true composition.
All my pending tracks are called by the date I recorded the first ideas, and they get their final name once I have finished working.
It means, you understood it, I never finished this one ;-)
But I like it.



Intact Part 1 & 2


Have you ever heard my voice when singing?
Probably not. I don't use it that much.

With Intact Part1, I made it the main part of the track: such a hard work for me!
I'm not a singer or vocalist…

"Intact Part1" is about the fear that surrounds you about forgetting the voice, the smell, the attitudes, the good and bad moments relating to the beloved one that you lost.
I made this track when I realised my memory, regarding to C., was "intact".
It's not happy track, but it's not a sad one.

Technically, "Intact" is something special to me: the most "acoustic" piece of music I ever made.
I played with my voice, making all the male voices lead and choirs, I played the drums on an electronic Roland drum kit, I played the guitars on guitars, I played the bass guitar on a Ibanez electro-acoustic bass guitar my brother lent to me.
I'm quite proud of my performance, as I'm not a singer, not a drummer, not really a guitar player, not a bass player.

Here's Part 1:

"Intact Part 2" is based on the same scheme: real instruments I played instead of playing virtual ones on my keyboards.
You'll find inside the craziest guitar solos I made (remember: I'm not a true guitar player), and I had la lost of fun playing the drums on a drum kit.

Here's Part 2:


365 Jours Sans


This tracks came exactly one year (365 days) after C. passed away.

When you were used to live with someone that suddenly disappear, every new day of the first year without is the first day without…
You have to suffer for 365 days, then each day of the second year is the second day without, and it gets a little better.



I made "N'ai-je" (Did I?) in December 2007, six months after C. passed away.
I made it on a snowing evening in Paris, that helped me to put a name on the track (N'ai-je sounds like "neige" that means "snow").

"N'ai-je" is about all the questions you're haunted by after the one you loved is no longer there to answer you…

I made some of my best real guitars and real drums tracks on "N'Ai-je?": not sure I'm still able to play them again.
Have to practice again ;-)



Retour à l'Anormal 1 & 2


I made "Retour à l'Anormal" 1 & 2 just after the "Paris" tracks, playing on words (retour à la normale - back to normal state / retour à l'anormal - back to the abnormal).
The two parts are slightly different: I wanted to make a "cycle", but the project aborted.

Here's Part 1:

And here's Part2:



Paris part 1 & 2

Composed after I broke from a relationship.

I was walking my dog in Puteaux's parc near its tram station, dominating Paris from its small hill, listening to the heart of the city beating away, at 2am.
I started to compose it just after getting back home.
I think it was the first time I was considering leaving Paris…

The second part starts with the words I got on my email some days after we broke:
"Remplace les cadres de ton appartement par des miroirs. Ton image est la seule qui te fascine. Reste entre tes quatre murs, avec tes ordinateurs et ta solitude. Ces murs vont se resserrer au fil des années jusqu'à prendre la taille d'un cercueil où tu t'enterres vivant. N'aies cependant pas peur de la mort: tu n'y seras pas plus seul que dans la vie, et le virtuel est bien plus facile à quitter que le réel…"

English translation: "Replace the frames of your apartment with mirrors. Your image is the only one that fascinates you. Stay between your four walls, with your computers and your loneliness. These walls will tighten over the years until they take the size of a coffin where you bury yourself alive. But don't be afraid of death: you'll be no longer alone than in life, and virtual life is much easier to leave than real life…"

I tried to transcript the violence of these word in the track.



Le Petit Bonhomme en Mousse

"Le Château dans le Ciel" is a compilation of tracks I made after C. passed away.
C. Had a stuffed dog, that he was calling his "Petit Bonhomme en Mousse".
Later, as we were living together with my black labrador Jasper, he started to call Jasper by the same name.
This is a track for both C. and Jasper, that passed away, depressed, one year after C.





This is the first track from my "Le Château dans le Ciel" cycle.
Made the day we spread C.'s ashes in the ocean at La Rochelle.
For me, it's the track I made that is the most charged with emotions.


I'm Back (+ video)

This track was made at the end of my "Château dans le Ciel" cycle.
It sounds different from my other tracks, and I wanted it to be not related to my intimate story.
But it was.

When I just finished it, I met a guy in Paris: his name was Hanz, and Hanz was a singer.
He decided to put words on my music, and to sing them.
Once again, his own words was related to my story…
I used his voice track on the video.

The video was made in Paris, on April 2019, as I had just finished a photo shooting with two Taiwanese dancers.
They accepted to improvise a choreography after I told them…my story.
Thank to them.

Here's the video with Hanz's words:

And here's the original track:


Way Back To C

Let's start with the last track I composed in Paris, before leaving to Asia.
It's called "Way Back to C", and it's dedicated to someone I loved, that passed away on 21st of June 2007.
It's part of a collection of tracks called "Le Château Dans Le Ciel".

Keyboards are played on keyboards.
Voices are played on keyboard.
Bass is played on a Squier Bass Guitar.
Guitars are played on a Alesis electric guitar and on a Fender electro-acoustic guitar.
Drums are played on a Roland electronic drum kit, controlling synths drums and percussion sounds.

This is a 8mn track, it starts very slowly, and it's better with headphones ;-)

le chateau
"Le Château dans le Ciel", drawing by Cyprien

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