Le Château Dans Le Ciel

Living in a Dream


Only one foot on the ground, the other one in the sky…
Things I hope mostly come in my dreams only.

Here's Living in a Dream:


Ving et Un


C. was 21 since one month and ten days when he passed away.
I've always felt guilty because as the older one, I was convinced I should have been the first one to pass away…
True guitars and bass guitar, fat sound, disturbing harmonies are what the track is made of.

Here's 21:


Intact Part 1 & 2


Have you ever heard my voice when singing?
Probably not. I don't use it that much.

With Intact Part1, I made it the main part of the track: such a hard work for me!
I'm not a singer or vocalist…

"Intact Part1" is about the fear that surrounds you about forgetting the voice, the smell, the attitudes, the good and bad moments relating to the beloved one that you lost.
I made this track when I realised my memory, regarding to C., was "intact".
It's not happy track, but it's not a sad one.

Technically, "Intact" is something special to me: the most "acoustic" piece of music I ever made.
I played with my voice, making all the male voices lead and choirs, I played the drums on an electronic Roland drum kit, I played the guitars on guitars, I played the bass guitar on a Ibanez electro-acoustic bass guitar my brother lent to me.
I'm quite proud of my performance, as I'm not a singer, not a drummer, not really a guitar player, not a bass player.

Here's Part 1:

"Intact Part 2" is based on the same scheme: real instruments I played instead of playing virtual ones on my keyboards.
You'll find inside the craziest guitar solos I made (remember: I'm not a true guitar player), and I had la lost of fun playing the drums on a drum kit.

Here's Part 2:


365 Jours Sans


This tracks came exactly one year (365 days) after C. passed away.

When you were used to live with someone that suddenly disappear, every new day of the first year without is the first day without…
You have to suffer for 365 days, then each day of the second year is the second day without, and it gets a little better.



I made "N'ai-je" (Did I?) in December 2007, six months after C. passed away.
I made it on a snowing evening in Paris, that helped me to put a name on the track (N'ai-je sounds like "neige" that means "snow").

"N'ai-je" is about all the questions you're haunted by after the one you loved is no longer there to answer you…

I made some of my best real guitars and real drums tracks on "N'Ai-je?": not sure I'm still able to play them again.
Have to practice again ;-)



Le Petit Bonhomme en Mousse

"Le Château dans le Ciel" is a compilation of tracks I made after C. passed away.
C. Had a stuffed dog, that he was calling his "Petit Bonhomme en Mousse".
Later, as we were living together with my black labrador Jasper, he started to call Jasper by the same name.
This is a track for both C. and Jasper, that passed away, depressed, one year after C.





This is the first track from my "Le Château dans le Ciel" cycle.
Made the day we spread C.'s ashes in the ocean at La Rochelle.
For me, it's the track I made that is the most charged with emotions.


Way Back To C

Let's start with the last track I composed in Paris, before leaving to Asia.
It's called "Way Back to C", and it's dedicated to someone I loved, that passed away on 21st of June 2007.
It's part of a collection of tracks called "Le Château Dans Le Ciel".

Keyboards are played on keyboards.
Voices are played on keyboard.
Bass is played on a Squier Bass Guitar.
Guitars are played on a Alesis electric guitar and on a Fender electro-acoustic guitar.
Drums are played on a Roland electronic drum kit, controlling synths drums and percussion sounds.

This is a 8mn track, it starts very slowly, and it's better with headphones ;-)

le chateau
"Le Château dans le Ciel", drawing by Cyprien

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