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What you'll find here is a personal selection of my favourite tracks.
Some are quite recent, some are quite old.
Starting from here before browsing the "
Tracks" section sounds to me as a pertinent suggestion ;-)

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> I'm Back

This track was made at the end of my "Château dans le Ciel" cycle.
It sounds different from my other tracks, and I wanted it to be not related to my intimate story.
But it was.
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> Evil 1

Many years ago, I started to work on a collection of tracks around the concept of "Heaven and Hell".
"Evil 1" is the most ambitious track of the collection, and one of my best realisations.
I'm stil dreaming of getting it played by a symphonic orchestra…
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> Hong Kong on Fire (2020)

First 2020 track and video, first one after such a long time not making music anymore, done with a very minimal set, full of mistakes during the mixing process, but proud of it, this is my humble tribute to the city I love, and to its people that always welcomes me gently. Hope you'll like it too.
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